India, as a nation, stands out as one of the leading and most prosperous countries in the world. While we are excelling in terms of generating general income and per capita income (certainly better than most developing nations in the world) we are definitely lagging behind when it comes to overcoming our health and well-being problems. According to a report published by one of the leading medical associations in the country, one in 10 people today is a victim of drug and alcohol abuse.
As for the increasing number, several drug rehabilitation centers have been established throughout the country to control this terrible problem. However, at the same time, not all of these facilities are the same. Therefore, when you are looking for a safe drug rehabilitation center, consider the following criteria and questions.

Search in Accreditation and License


The first and main step to choosing a safe drug rehabilitation center is to visit the facilities and ask about their accreditation and licenses. In general, the accreditations are specific to the state. Therefore, it is a good idea to check with your state government to make sure that the installation is safe. Similar is the case of licenses. The center must have all the licenses of origin necessary to carry out the rehabilitation work.

Examine treatment methods and protocols


Most drug rehabilitation centers follow an established treatment protocol: an adequate diet of drug detoxification, regular counseling, guided therapies and restriction of contraband abroad.

diet of drug detoxification

               Diet of Drug Detoxification

However, they differ in terms of offered guided therapies, the types of group counseling and the individual treatment method. Therefore, it is better to learn about the treatment protocol of a drug rehabilitation facility before finalizing one.

Is Aftercare A Possibility?  


Post-treatment care proves to be an incredibly effective way to stay away from medications once the treatment is over. While most drug rehabilitation centers do not extend the ease of post-treatment sessions, there is a competent one that provides such provisions. Choosing such a center is an advantage, especially if you are sure you can not control your addition even after completing the treatment. Aftercare can significantly help an addicted person stay sober and live a normal and healthy life again.

Consider these common questions


Once you have thoroughly examined the rehabilitation facility and its treatment protocol, consider the following questions to further reduce your rehabilitation center options.
• Is it a short-term or long-term installation?
• What is the purpose of the program?

drug treatment protocol

                  Drug Treatment Protocol

• What forms of support are offered?
• Are nutrition and life skills part of the program?
• Will the course of treatment involve dealing with any type of health problems that arise?
• Does the center promise results?
• Are doctors sufficiently capable of helping patients recover from their addiction?
In short, to effectively overcome addiction and regain a healthy and normal life, it is important to choose an establishment that has a personal interest in your problem and work hand in hand in the recovery phase to make sure you are sober and healthy . good to go Ask all the questions you want from your chosen rehabilitation center and just sign in to log in when you are sure of your previous capabilities and results.