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Public Policy

DelARF works tirelessly to bring members’ concerns to the legislative, budget, and policy processes in Delaware. DelARF staff meets regularly with legislators and state agency leaders to build collaborative partnerships and address systemic issues affecting all members. DelARF staff also testifies at Hearings in Dover to serve as the voice for provider agencies on key issues affecting the supports and services they need to provide quality services to their consumers. Collectively we advance our mission of improving the quality of life for people with disabilities, their families, and the people who support them.

Throughout the year, we host major events to connect our members to current issues and decision makers. These have included meetings with leaders from ACCSES, DDDS, DSAMH, and DSAAPD, DelDOT, US DOJ, US DOL, as well as Governor Markell.

We keep our members informed of crucial issues. DelARF provides its members with Budget Updates by providing a review of the DHSS request to the Governor, the Governor’s Recommended Budget issued In January, and the FY Budget issued in June. We alert members to proposed changes in CMS regulations and voice collective concerns to appropriate decision makers.  We provide updates and analyses of recent Department of Justice Settlement Agreements and their potential impact on members

We are proud of what we have been able to achieve as we have worked together to improve the quality of services to individuals with disabilities throughout the state.


IRS Election Year Activities Guidance

Key dates in development of the state budget

Family Support Waiver Report April 2014