Contract Services

DelARF and its affiliate organizations offer the best in contingent and alternative labor services for the clientele that values the finest quality, the most competitive pricing, and engagement in socially responsible enterprises.

DelARF’s Business Programs are serviced by our member organizations with over 75% of their labor force comprised of people with disabilities. Our state use contracts have provided for the labor needs of clients in the public and private sectors for over 25 years.

These financially and socially responsible services are available to customers throughout the state of Delaware.

DelARF’s Business Service Programs work by putting people with disabilities to work. DelARF Facts:

  • $4,135,270 gross wages of people with disabilities
  • 592 people with disabilities employed
  • 281 people employed in temporary service positions
  • 206 people employed in janitorial positions
  • 81 janitorial sites

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